You really want to be anorexic?

So... you want to be anorexic... ... you really want to be anorexic?!? Then I especially invite you to stay, look around, read, and know what you are getting in to.

And you are not alone in your wish. Before the "pro-ana" craze people were already writing about this strange dream... the dream to be stricken by anorexia... really, the only thing new about "pro-ana" is it's clever little name.

Being "pro-anorexia" is simply wanting to be anorexic.

Our culture is as "pro-anorexia" isn't it?

Wanting to have an eating disorder is a part of an eating disorder, wanting to be unnaturally thin is a part of living in the current climate... our culture is pro anorexia in every sense, long before these websites emerged. At least they are being honest about what they promote.

I am not "against" people who are pro-anorexia or pro-bulimia, aside from the advertisers who take no responsibility and who are more pro-eating-disorders than anyone else. I don't mean to "bash" the "pro" sites and the people who create them, I believe there is room on the internet for all voices. The reason I speak firmly is because this is my voice and I'm passionate, too.

Choose to be pro-anorexic honestly, and I will respect your choice... but please know that when ever you choose a behavior, you, at that same moment, chose the consequences of that behavior.

So if you choose to starve, you are choosing at the same time to risk your friendships, lose your hair, slow down your metabolism, etc., etc. Be clear about your decisions, your choice is powerful.

Do What Yee Will.

I have choosen to starve, too, in the past. I've choosen to participate in all the eating disorder behaviors I had learned from others (in books, from friends, or I suppose nowadays it would be the web) or could think of myself. So I can't condem another for making those choices. My hope, though sometimes futile and often cheesy even to me, is that by telling you what has come of my choices you have the opportunity to choose another way OR at least be curious as to WHY you choose disordered eating, so you can get to know yourself a bit better, deeper.

On an Entertainment Tonight and Oprah show regarding eating disorders, this site was shown during a flash of "pro-anorexia" websites. This is NOT a pro-anorexia site AT ALL. My whole goal in life & why I go to work every day is to STOP eating disorders. Neither show contacted me and just used the site as they wanted to. But now that you are here, I hope you'll reconsider any "plan" to add an eating disorder to your life...

How many "pro" heroin sites do you visit??

I think it is HORRIBLE that young, otherwise intelligent, girls and boys are encouraging each other to spend their time, passion, energy and effort on ruining their health, their bodies (yes, you will destroy your body with these behaviors), their sanity, and their youth...

Do you really want to wake up, 30 years old, and realize you spent all of your time stressed out, pre-occupied & trapped by the subject of food?? Do you want your friends to do the same???

This woman is 41... is it working for her?

What would Karen Carpenter say about the pro-anas/pro-mias?
Would she have a site, too?

The people who lost their lives to eating disorders... those are the people that had something to say worth listening to...

They Know.


(which can be powerful, I realize, just ask the parents of the kids I work with)


My Thoughts About Pro-Eating Disorders:

"pro - anorexia" is simply another way of saying you are actively devoted to having an eating disorder... and that you are willing to spend time in search of ways to be more creatively self-destructive... and figure out how to destroy your self-esteem, ruin your daily mood, stress out people who love you, feel horrible about yourself & your life, fill your mind with nothing but calorie counters, make sure you'll never feel "good enough" or "thin enough" or "pretty enough" to earn the right to take up space in this world... and seeking instructions as to how you can feel unacceptable as you are, so that you must always work & be miserable attempting to fit into a fake constructed computerized image... "pro - anorexia" is consciously committing suicide, taking an agonizing long time, during which you get to suffer from various medical problems that drag on for years and age you faster... only to end up not living out your full life expectancy, never even reaching that blessed age where you supposively won't care about your looks anymore anyway, and realizing at the last minute that you could have done something else with all your energy...

How do I "justify" the extreme, unrealistic, unrepresentative photos on this website if I am not "pro-anorexia"?
Simple (and kind of sad)... I want to "attract" people onto this site who are looking for ways to stay in and suck their lives dry with this illness...
I want to talk to the people who do go on the "pro-anorexia" sites. There seems to be a desperate need for a reality check among ya'll and I am hopeful that my candid, graphic, detailed coverage on the subject of eating disorders and RECOVERY may just plant a seed inside that part of your mind that doesn't, in fact, want to spend your life worrying about this... the part of you that knows you could be happier if you weren't drowning in this issue... the part of you that remembers what it was like eating freely and living freely... the part of you that KNOWS recovery is always an option... I hope you'll read a bit, think a bit, and treat yourself nicer.
There is NOTHING cool about all the free world's young women starving and bingeing & purging to death... do we really need LESS females with passion on this planet? What if all those sites were "pro-girls" or "pro-the- environment" or "pro-self-esteem"? What if you took this drive and energy and empowered who you are as you already are??? Now that would be a revolution. Think about it, Goddesses!! - Lisa

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