Encyclopaedia dramatica

Eine teilweise sehr ironische und sarkastische Darstellung, auch Satire, von "pro ana" habe ich in der Encyclopaedia dramatica gefunden:


Hier eine Version aus dem Jahr 2006:

Pro-Ana is a movement, comprised entirely of 16 year-old girls, who believe that having an eating disorder is a career and lifestyle choice and not a disease.

1 Anorexia IS a disease
Those who are Pro-Ana believe that anorexia is not harmful and is a lot like getting a tattoo. They are correct in this assumption but only if the tattoo is the phrase "Holy fucking idiocy!" tattooed across their very visible ribcages. In this way it is exactly the same.

Indisputable proof that anorexia is a disease is easily found in the title: "pro-ana." The lack of nutrients flowing to their brains obviously kept them from realizing that it's anorexia and not anarexia. Or something.

There are pro-ana websites all across the Internets, which can be easily found with a Google search for "pro-ana" or "no1 undrstandz me :'(" or "purging tips pls 911!!!" However, one of the most prolific sites is the Livejournal community of the same name, pro_ana.

pro_ana is populated with mostly impressionable girls between the ages of 13 and 18, with the occasional "ana boi" prancing in to show off his femi-hipbones. (There used to be an older crowd, but now there is a spin-off called "Ana Goes To College.")

After numerous trollings, including the notorious and yet-unsolved Sansgras incident, the community and its many spinoffs have become pretty much closed to new members. Often new members must post applications, like in rating communities. New members may be rejected on the basis of a BMI which is too high, fauxlimia, or having a "cliché" thinspiration such as Mary-Kate Olsen. Also much like rating communities, an "accepted" or "rejected" image macro is then bestowed upon the applicant.

Numerous trolling sites exist, one of the best being LiveJournal's Ana 4 avril.

2 Jargon
Here are some terms you may find useful:

Ana - Anorexia. The band Silverchair, whose lead singer was anorexic, wrote a song called "Ana's Song." Mia - Not "missing in action." BuliMIA. The two (ana/mia) tend to go hand in hand in these communities, as girls teach each other tips on how to throw up properly. Thinspiration - Combination of "thin" and "inspiration." Most thinspirations consist of pictures of thin models or phrases For a while, a popular method of trolling was to post Holocaust victim photos under an LJ-cut labeled "thinspiration" or "thinspo". Some phrases include (these have all been spotted and are not made up by us! –ED staff) "No food tastes as good as thin feels." "Love yourself to the bone." "There's no such thing as inner beauty." "Being thin and not eating are signs of true will power and success." "Quod me nutrit, me destruit." (Latin for "if you feed me, i'll kill myself") CW - Current Weight. HW - Highest Weight. LW - Lowest Weight. GW - Goal Weight. Usually horribly disproportionate, like a 5'10" girl who wants to weigh 120 pounds. STGW - Short Term Goal Weight. LTGW - Long Term Goal Weight. IP' in patient treatment. A place where ana gurls are given instructions on how to operate sandwhiches.

The terms "ana" and "mia" are often anthropomorphized and used as if they were actual people, so as to hide their "disease" from friends and family and in their posts. Example: "I sat with Ana during lunch, and we will also have 5th and 6th period together. I saw Mia in the bathroom after class and will probably hang out with her again after school."

3 ED communities

  • something-fishy - Run by nazis. This board is for recovering only, and is unfunny. Numbers are replaced with asteriks because knowing someone elses weight might make a fishy suicide. Making a thread to exchange hug emoticons is also against the rules, because it might make a fishy feel left out and suicide. Any post has a 79% chance of causing suicide. Dr. Phil reccomends it.
  • TF - Filled with drama, but insanely repetetive. Most of the posters there are old now, and dont post about vomiting or starving much anymore. There is a forum specifically for flames, and thats the only real reason why anyone goes there. TFers are almost always vegans, liberal, and stupid.
  • P.A.S.S. - stands for Pro Ana Suicide Society. Full of 16 year old girls who get raped by the entire football team, their doctor, a teacher, their principle, and your mom. Anyone questioning stories of suprise sex is banned.
  • Lunchbox - A board full of fucktards who were dumb enough to buy the sansgras story.
  • Purgatorium - A livejournal community that once kicked out a tranny troll for being overly supportive for far too long.
  • Life Beyond EDs - A livejournal recovery community run by the scrawniest, gayest, eating disordered transvestite on the net, Johnnysboysriot. Johnny frequently uses kittens, rainbow brite, and sparkles in his saccharine-sweet motivationals.

4 Other pro-ana
A small movement of people who like the name Ana and an even smaller movement of people who are fans of Anna Kournikova.