how to create a website

Disappearing teenage-girls
or: How to Make a Pro-Ana Website

Attention writers of high-school and undergraduate papers:
This is not reference material on the disease of anorexia. If you want to learn about the disorder, or find help for yourself, I suggest you find an appropriate medical site or (Reason forbid) book. This article is a review of Pro-Anorexia Sites.

  • Define the Religion: Always include The Ana Creed, The Ana Prayer, and The Thin Commandments. These are easily found through a search on google.
  • Tips and Tricks: Help other girls escape detection, keep from eating, burn more calories, and pretend they enjoy hunger.
  • Use lots of pictures: These may include at least one picture of Kate Moss or Calista Flockhart on each page. Intersperse with other beautiful, perfect models, but do not forget the "trigger" pictures of ugly, fat women! (And make sure all of the pictures are of Caucasian people.)
  • Be White.
  • Include your daily Diary. This will show people you are suffering and artistic, but it will also help you in your quest for disappearance if you write down everything you eat, and all the calories you burn every day.
  • Thinspirational Quotes. These may include all those pithy quotes about dieting your Mom taught you ("Nothing tastes as good as Thin feels!" and "A Moment on the Lips, Forever on the Hips!"), but do not forget! "There is no TRY. There is only DO!" (The great sage Jedi Master, Yoda.)
  • Poetry, Poetry, Poetry!
  • Draw lots of pictures of faeries, and spell it F-A-E-R-I-E.

Ana's Creed is reprinted from several websites calling themselves "Pro-Ana;" indicating the authors believe that anorexia is a lifestyle choice, in the manner of many styles of dress and manner in evidence in the halls of high-schooldom, such as the punks, the goths, rockabilly cats and kitties, and, from a few years ago, Swing Kids. The Anas are the anorectic/bulimic girls who want, basically, to be like faeries; ethereal, lithe, and, of course, invisible.

The Creed indicates fundamentalist, cult-like thinking: the chaos/control, black/white dichotomies, salvation, a false ideal of perfection, and the worthless sinner. But this , to me, is also simply immature thinking; it's what happens in the minds of many preadolescents and adolescents trying to separate their identities from those of their parents and the world around them. Obviously it indicates, too, an eating disorder.

Perfection-Control-Number One

Why perfection, and how do they know what perfection is? I think the problem is, they only know what perfection is not. Themselves (and Jane Russell here).
Perfection is for the religious and gullible, in my opinion. It is for the magical thinkier. Perfection resides in heaven. Perfection is never, under any circumstances, of the body. It's above it.

I am inclined to guess that since every single one of these sites are made by white girls (the ones I've seen so far), most of them are from girls who were raised in a christian-influenced home. These are not girls from shelters, either. For my first stereotype, the books say that most anorectics are middle-to-upper middle-class caucasian girls. When I see a site from a Hindu, I'll rush right over and change this. But the influence is decidedly christian.

Things of the flesh-womanhood, fertility, sex, food=bad.
Things of the spirit-faeries, control, monklike, aesthete-like denial=good.

Some of these girls believe (or if they wish hard enough it will come true) they can train themselves to survive without food. Those that say otherwise, well, those are just naysayers, skeptics, The Masses, The Man trying to keep them down. They are the lone rangers, the solitary geniuses proving them all wrong.

Judging from the number of pro-ana websites that are being shut down or are hopelessly outdated, it looks like they haven't proven it yet.

I wonder how they're doing?